COVID-19 Information



Digital or paper QR Code 
& Valid ID

- PCR or Rapid Test
- Recovery from COVID-19
  (less than 6 months)
- Vaccination

- Cité *

- Clarière de Tridel
   (Tridel Clearing)
- Usine Tridel 
   (Tridel Factory)

*Includes: La Planquée, La Place du Château / Jardin du Temps, La Placette Bonnard, Le Caveau 12bis, La Cour du Gymnase, Cathérdrale Nord, le Petit Canyon, le Jardin du Petit-Théâtre, la Cathédrale, la Place St-Maur


- No masks required
- Food & beverage consumption in designated areas
- Maximum capacity of 500 people

- Verger de l'Hermitage
   (L'hermitage Orchard)
- Pont Bessières
(Bessières Bridge)
- Escaliers des Grandes-Roches
(Grandes-Roches Stairs)
- Magasins de la Ville
- Forêt de Sauvabelin
(Sauvabelin Forest)
- Tour de Sauvabelin
(Sauvabelin Tower)
- Cantine de Sauvabelin
Potager du Signal
  (Signal Garden)


Current Sanitary Measures

On sites where a COVID Certificate is required, there will no longer be any crowd limits, masks can come off, and food and beverages can be consumed anywhere and everywhere.

Performances, concerts and projects which do not require presentation of a COVID Certificate (see below) will have an upper attendance limit of 500. In these sites, eating and drinking is allowed only in food and bar areas.

  • If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, chest pain, loss of sense of smell and/or sense of taste, please stay home.
  • In accessing one of the festival sites, you confirm that you have none of the above symptoms, or any related symptoms.
  • If you develop one of the symptoms during your attendance at one of the festival sites, please leave immediately and complete a Coronacheck.



Where to Obtain Your COVID Certificate

Please pay attention to the appropriate time frames required to obtain valid certificates, particularly for individuals getting tested and those who were previously COVID positive.

  • Vaccinated Individuals : via the Canton de Vaud website
  • Previously COVID-Positive Individuals: via the OFSP Platform   
    (response time of up to 6 days)

    Eligibility Criteria: recovery from COVID in the past 6 months, the starting date being the 11th date after a positive test result

  • Tests* : You may obtain your certificate in the pharmacy after a rapid test. The document must be free of charge. You may also request a certificate here: (2-4 hour response time)

    * Valid tests:
    - PCR Test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) to detect SARS-CoV-2, done maximum 72 hours before an event
    - Rapid Antigen Test to detect SARS-CoV-2, done maximum 48 hours before before an event. This test can be done in a pharmacy and is free for everyone.

    Home self-tests are not accepted.

Test Centers
Test Centers in Lausanne and Vaud
Hemostaz Test Center, Les Arches, place de l'Europe - Downtown Lausanne



COVID Certificate Required

In these zones, masks are no longer necessary.
Food and beverage consumption is available anywhere, even in seated areas.

  • La Cité*
  • Clairière de Tridel (Tridel Clearing)
  • Usine Tridel (Tridel Factory)

Federal Council Directives:
To access the site, you must prove that you have completed a full series of vaccinations OR that you have a negative test result for SARS-CoV-2 (PCR - 72 hours before, or rapid pharmacy test - 48 hours before) OR that you have recovered from COVID in the past six months. The COVID Certificate, with its QR code (electronic or paper), is the required proof that will demonstrate one of these three possibilities.

In addition, you will need to provide a valid piece of identification.
If you are below 16 years of age, you will only need to present ID.

* All the following performance areas are included within La Cité : la Planquée, la Place du Château - Jardin du Temps, la Placette Bonnard, le Caveau 12 bis, la Cour du Gymnase, Cathédrale Nord, le Petit Canyon, le Jardin du Petit Théâtre, la Cathédrale, la Place Saint-Maur



No COVID Certificate Required

For performances, concerts and events in these areas, masks are no longer necessary.
Food and beverages can be consumed in designated areas.



  • Verger de l'Hermitage (L'Hermitage Orchard)
  • Pont Bessières (Bessières Bridge)
  • Escaliers des Grandes-Roches (Grandes-Roches Stairs)
  • Magasins de la Ville
  • Forêt de Sauvabelin (Sauvabelin Forest)
  • Tour de Sauvabelin (Sauvabelin Tower)
  • Cantine de Sauvabelin
  • Potager du Signal (Signal Garden)




A few weeks ago, we enabled pre-registration because we thought contact tracing was inevitable. One thing’s for sure, certainty is impossible to have in these strange times. Organizing a festival is a never-ending challenge, since new cards are dealt on a weekly basis Today, it turns out that collecting personal data for large events is no longer required. Since Festival de la Cité is free, reservation is no longer necessary.