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Graindelavoix (BE)


La Cathédrale

Access to this project require the Covid Cetificate, more.

Graindelavoix, a vocal collective created by Björn Schmelzer more than 20 years ago, is a group that is fascinated by the ancestry of vocal repertoires and its relationship with the body.  Since they specialize in experimenting with old repertoires, the ensemble prioritizes an out-of-the-ordinary approach to allow for a greater freedom of exploration. The voice is considered as more than a communication tool; it becomes an melodic or percussion instrument in its own right. This year, the singers of the group will perform Pèlerinage (Pilgrimage), a repertoire constructed around polyphonic chants from the 15th century. By transcending time through their mastery of sound, they will take you on a journey that promises to bring you beyond the frontiers of reality.