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À la ligne - ANNULÉ

Michel Cloup Duo et Pascal Bouaziz (FR)


La Clairière


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Initially, Michel Cloup was given carte blanche in choosing both a book to transform into music, as well as his preferred project collaborators. Then came the shock in the form of A la ligne (On the Line: Notes From a Fish Factory) by Joseph Ponthus. The novel is the first and only one of an author who was gone too soon. It narrates the story of a poetry lover working in a fish cannery and processing factory in Brittany. A desire was born to explore this piece beyond a simple reading. Pascal Bouaziz (Bruit Noir, Mendelson) is the second voice of this duo and Julien Ruffié is in charge of the rhythm. Their collaboration resulted in lyrics that resemble a litany with rock as background music. The words go beyond a mechanical rhythm that seemingly invokes assembly-line production work; it is an experience that is both powerful and humane.