© Clémentine Bossard 1/2
© Clémentine Bossard 2/2

Organ Mug

Organ Mug (CH)


La Place du Château / Jardin du Temps

Access to this project require the Covid Cetificate, more.

A talented composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Organ Mug materializes electronic music using organic elements. The Vaud native is a field recording enthusiast; he paints rich and cinematic acoustic landscapes with an impressive finesse and a mastery of his art. His music includes samples of piano and guitar on which he apposes the delicate vocals that become the subtle extra layer of the whole. He invites his audience on a meditative journey, instilling a hypnotic and liberating state. It is a soothing interlude that gives one some time to breathe and to bask in the feelings of wholeness.