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Performance telling

Igor Cardellini & Tomas Gonzalez invitent le Colectivo utópico (AR / BR / CH)


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Access to this project require the Covid Cetificate, more.

For those who couldn’t attend some of the performances in the Festival programme, or for those who wish to discover alternative versions of said performances, this parallel show is for you. Four artists are each given free rein to do a remake of Work by Claudio Stellato, Faded by Ioannis Mandafounis & In a landscape by Alessandro Sciaronni & CollectivO CineticO. As more and more pieces come together, a dialogue forms between the imitation and its relationship to the original. What then becomes discernible is what divides us and the idea of a common language, as well as a shared understanding of the world and the state of togetherness.