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Prélude à la Peau de l'Espace

Yasmine Hugonnet (CH)


La Place du Château / Jardin du Temps Saturday Sunday

Access to this project require the Covid Cetificate, more.

As a preface to La Peau de l’Espace (The Skin of Space) that will be created in November 2021 at the Théâtre de Vidy, Yasmine Hugonnet shares her search for melodies and dances that invigorates one another. The choreographer’s presentation in the Jardin du temps (The Garden of Time) focuses on proprioception, on memory, on gravitropism and on the perception of form in dance. What is gravitropism? In order to stay upright, plants must actively bend to fight against wind and gravity. If we can see their movements, we will see them constantly attempting to maintain their balance and their posture!