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El Viaje

Igor Cardellini & Tomas Gonzalez invitent le Colectivo utópico (AR / BR / CH)


La Cantine de Sauvabelin Saturday Sunday

La Cantine de Sauvabelin: Access to this project does not require the Covid Certificate, more.

Meeting point at Cantine de Sauvabelin. 20 person capacity. First come, first serve basis. Access open 45 minutes before departure. 

El Viaje is a group excursion on a neighboring “island,” which questions the expectations that arise from the word. During their journey, the travelers talk about human flow, tourism, exotism and colonization. By shifting the usual relationship between travel time and the duration of the stay, participants are invited to redirect their point of view towards the movement itself and the formation of a group. They become an ephemeral community united by a common sensual experience.

Bring comfortable shoes for the walk (walking shoes) and something to protect yourself from the rain, depending on the weather.